Golmud Yilin Gojiberry

Story of brand
Originally there is no organic food in the world. However, with more and more pesticides and fertilizers used as well as more complicated food processing, organic food becomes precious.
       Yilin is devoted to becoming a portable market of Gojiberry that no one worries about
       Many people lament that food never tastes like before. In fact, among many other regrets, the change in taste is just one of them - excessive use of chemicals may leave the human body more and more dangerous regrets.
       The modernization of agriculture and food science and technology put a halo around organic food. After rounds of crazy food revolution, people are now struggling to recover the original nature of food.No one knows how long the process will take, what a big price we have to pay, and whether it is possible to return to the world in which 99% of people have organic food to eat.
       Nonetheless, Yilin will try its best and advance forwards tirelessly.