Golmud Yilin Gojiberry

In a mere snap of the fingers, Yilin has gone through sixteen years. In the sixteen years, we have developed into a foreign-trade enterprise beginning to take shape from a small business.So far since our incorporation, we have been committed to creating a competitive one-stop industrial chain integrating cultivation and sales of organic Goji berry. We have been certified by EU and US organic certifications for thirteen consecutive years.Throughout the process we always uphold the purely natural, non-toxic, and pollution-free philosophy to provide high-quality Qinghai Goji berry by means of the unique ecological advantages of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

       Concentration makes professionalism. Our adherence and endeavors exchange for the continuous growth of organic Goji berry, exports every year–ranked first in exports of Goji berry in Qinghai Province for eleven consecutive years; and our products have currently commanded a ready market in many developed countries and territories such as Europe, America, China Taiwan and Hong Kong. The quality recognition of our Goji berry in the international market is increasingly growing.Yilin organic Goji berry also wins a good reputation! Although we have made some achievements, opportunities and challenges never separate apart and the road ahead remain full of difficulties and frustrations–a long way to go!
       Yesterday's achievements are of the past. Today we will continue to throw ourselves into the development of national health undertakings with high enthusiasm and excellent quality to recreate a new glory and promising future for Yilin!

       Gojiberry has a history of more than 4,000 years dated back to the Civilization of Shang Dynasty. Since ancient times, it has been regarded as a perfect tonic for physical health and longevity. Gojiberry is handed down accompanied by many beautiful and magical legends. Its efficacies are descried in ShenNong's Herbal Classic, Collected Works of MateriaMedica, and Compendium of MateriaMedica - nourishing kidney,benefiting vital essence, moistening lung, removing heat from the liver, and improving eyesight. Please allow us to unveil a new chapter in the culture of Gojiberry from now on.

       Gojiberry (or Gou Qi Zi) is commonly known as “the fruit that improves eyesight”. It is rich in carotene, vitamins and calcium, iron and other nutrients necessary for healthy eyes.Therefore, it improves eyesight.Ancient physicians typically treated liver faint vision and night blindness caused by blood deficiency and kidney yin deficiency, etc. with the fruit of Gojiberry.The fruit has a history of more than 3,000 years.Since ancient times, there has been the story that Ge Hong of Jin Dynasty made eye drops with solely crushed juice of the fruit of Gojiberry for eye disorders. The name, the fruit of Gojiberry, first appeared in ShenNong's Herbal Classic, tied for the top grade.For thousands of years,it has been quite popular and loved by people.

       Gojiberry has long been universally acknowledged as a good tonic for life cultivation and health care. With long-standing and well-established culture and history, Gojiberry is full of treasures. It is recorded in the Compendium of MateriaMedica: “Gojiberry’s leaves, also called Tian Jing Cao, are picked in spring; the flowers, also called longevity grass, are picked in summer: the fruits, also called Gou Qi Zi,are picked in autumn; and the root barks, also called cortex lyciiradicis(Di Gu Pi), are collected in winter.”Gojiberry,sweet, mild, functions in liver and kidney;it nourishes liver and kidney, benefits vital essence, cultivates qi and blood, maintains beauty and keeps young, improves eye sights and soothes the nerves, dispels the wind-evil and cures deficiency, prolongs life, keeps muscles and bones strong and healthy. Gojiberry has powerful healthcare functions and is applicable to both men and women; and it is appropriate to take Gojiberry in summer, winter, spring and autumn.