Golmud Yilin Gojiberry

Golmud Yilin Gojiberry Technology Development Co., Ltd. is established in 2007.Meanly, we plant organic gojiberry, produce and sell gojiberry series products. Our operating purpose is ‘preserving the ecological environment, developing organic agriculture ’ and to produce highquality organic goji berries. With an annual output of more than 2000 tons of organic fresh goji berries.80% of products are exported to Europe, such as France,Germany, Belgium,etc.   The export volume of goji berry accounted for 50% of the export of goji berry in Qinghai province, and the export volume was the first in Qinghai Province for 11 consecutive years. Since 2010, we have obtained EU and USDA organic product certification for 13 consecutive years.And we also have abtained HACCP,BRCGS,GLOBGAP,ISO9001 certifications.

       Since the restoration of China organic goji berry certification, we has been awarded China Organic product certification for 6 consecutive years, our products are the Panda Guide threestar rated products, we are the first 20 Chinese herbal medicine brand base, national hightech enterprises of “No sulfur processing, no excessive aflatoxin, no pollution and the whole process can be traced”,we are the national High and new technology enterprise, we are the "ten best standardized planting base" of national high quality authentic Chinese medicinal materials,we are the first batch of "Good Agricultural Practice for Chinese Crude Drugs (GAP)" focus on cultivating enterprises and one of the 7 enterprises (we are the only one goji enterprise that is selected ), we are also the national forestry key leading enterprises.

       Originally there is no organic food in the world. However, with more and more pesticides and fertilizers used as well as more complicated food processing, organic food becomes precious.

       Yilin is devoted to becoming a portable market of Gojiberry that no one worries about

       Many people lament that food never tastes like before. In fact, among many other regrets, the change in taste is just one of them - excessive use of chemicals may leave the human body more and more dangerous regrets.

       The modernization of agriculture and food science and technology put a halo around organic food. After rounds of crazy food revolution, people are now struggling to recover the original nature of food.No one knows how long the process will take, what a big price we have to pay, and whether it is possible to return to the world in which 99% of people have organic food to eat.

       Nonetheless, Yilin will try its best and advance forwards tirelessly.